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Haunted by Darkness Releases This Week

Well, this is it…Haunted by Darkness will officially be out and available this week. I’m anxious and excited. I still believe that this was some of my best writing. What’s next? Well, I’ve been working on Shifting Fate. I haven’t put together a summary yet, but it is about Sydney Degan, a shapeshifter who is […]

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Pre-Order Haunted by Darkness

Sapphire Books has the pre-order for my second book available. Haunted by Darkness will be released on February 12, 2016!!

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Haunted by Darkness – update

Well, it has been sent to the editor. Now the waiting and fun begin. I am fairly confident that I’ve grown since book one. Time will tell!

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Haunted by Darkness – Accepted

Well, I heard back from the publisher today and yes, they are going to publish my new book. That is right, Winter 2016 – Haunted by Darkness will be released. Now to finish the updates and submit the final draft.

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Submitted…Now, We Wait!

Well, at 3 AM this morning I emailed Haunted by Darkness to Sapphire to be considered for publishing. Tick tock, tick tock…now, we wait. It turned out really well for a first draft. I will always love To Love Again, but Haunted by Darkness is, well it has more me in it. I’m truly hoping […]

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Writing and such…

Well, I am in the final stages of prepping to send Haunted by Darkness to the publisher to see what they think. I have a pretty solid set of ideas for Haunted by Lies, but we’ll wait to make sure that Haunted by Darkness is picked up first. Reviews and book sales look to still […]

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Editor’s Block

It is similar to writer’s block, only worse because you can’t edit the damn story. I promise that I will get back to it. In the meantime, I am going to try to clear my mind with a newer project. I can’t say more about it namely because I haven’t figured out anything other than […]

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First, let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates. Life threw me a bit of a curve ball in may and I’ve been trying to regroup from it. On a more pleasant note, Haunted by Darkness has been sent to my beta readers for review. ┬áThis one is very different than To Love […]

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Well, it has been 11 days since my book launched. I have received as of this morning four 5-star reviews. YAY ME! I am also almost ashamed to say that I have begun stalking myself on Amazon. I have made it as high as 16th on the┬áHot New Releases in Lesbian Fiction. I am currently […]

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I Am Published

Well, it is official folks. I am a published author. Check me out: To Love Again – BL Clark

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