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Haunted by Darkness – 5-star Rating

Kristine Holt is haunted by the darkness of her past. She has spent years dealing with frequent nightmares and night terrors stemming from years of mental and physical abuse inflicted by her parents while she was growing up. With the help of her best friend Grace Barnes, she is able to escape her parents’ clutches, […]

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Haunted by Darkness – Day 12

Well, it has been 12 days since Haunted by Darkness launched. The reviews have been amazing, I’m so grateful for those leaving reviews. Their feedback and input are invaluable. Now, due to that feedback, I am in the process of planning a sequel – Haunted by Lies will be a reality.

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Jenna’s Closure (Dr. Jenna Harper Series, #2) – Missy Redstone

Great follow up to Jenna’s Awakening (Dr. Jenna Harper Series, #1)! I loved the book, the characters, and the series. I’m looking forward to reading more by Missy Redstone. Rating: 5 out of 5

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